February 20, 2020

Product Review: Vegan Kosher Cruelty-Free Glitter Shimmer & Iridescent Eyeshadow Palette – Perfect For Spring, Summer, & Valentine’s Day – Coupon Code Available

Hello everyone! With holidays coming up, I find myself reaching for a lot of pink eyeshadows, so I thought, this is the perfect time to test out some holiday eyeshadows. Thus, the eyeshadow palette that I will review today is a vegan, kosher, cruelty-free, handmade eyeshadow palette by a popular brand with over 1,400 admirers, called Monique Boulé.

In the past, I bought three eyeshadow palettes from Monique Boulé, and I loved all of them! I also feel close to this brand because both of our businesses were slowly growing around the same time, so we kind of grew together over the years; we shared some of our ups and downs with each other, and we became friends. So, I am very happy about this brand’s success. 

Monique Boulé’s eyeshadows have always been excellent quality, so she totally deserves the sucess! I am also very excited to try her new eyeshadows and formula. So, without further ado, let’s start this review!

Cost: Monique Boulé’s eyeshadow palettes cost $60-$65. You get 15 eyeshadows in each palette, so each individual shadow costs $4.

Packaging: The packaging is so cute on this eyeshadow palette! It has a very cute feminine girl look to it! The palette is magnetic and it feels quite sturdy. 

Shades: The palette that I received had nine eyeshadows in it: one matte pink shade, two iridescent shades, one shimmer shade, and five glitter shades. This palette contains various pink shades, and two purple shades.

These eyeshadows are beautiful spring 🌷 shades that would be great to wear on dates and holidays like Valentine’s Day 💑. 

Swatch of All Shades

In this review, I played around with four of the shades in this palette: the first top matte fuchsia pink shade, the third iridescent white-looking shade, the fourth red-looking shade, and the fifth pink shade.

Pigmentation: I found all of the shades to be very pigmented in just one swipe, even without eye primer.

Application: All of these eyeshadows applied smoothly and easily. This palette got a bit messy because of the powdery formula of the shadows, but when I applied them to my eyes, they adhered well with no fallout.

First Top Matte Fuchsia Shade With Eye Primer

Fifth Pink Shade 
With Eye Primer
This pink shade is a baby pink glittery iridescent shade with an undertone of light purple/lilac.

Here are both of the makeup looks that I created with these first two eyeshadows above:

I created a makeup look using three of these eyeshadows: the first top matte shade, the fourth red-looking shade, and the third iridescent white-looking shade. 

Here is the look that I created with these three: I used the first top matte shade as the base shade, the fourth red-looking shade in the cut crease, and the third iridescent white-looking shade on the lower lash line:

The fourth shade in this palette looks red, but when you apply it to the eyes, it is actually a dark pink fuchsia color with an undertone of purple and a hint of red.

The third white-looking iridescent shade has undertones of light purple, pink, and orange. 

This look that I created is very pretty! I love it! It is a soft feminine look that is perfect for Valentine’s Day 💏!

Final Thoughts

I love this palette! It is an excellent palette and the formula and quality of the shadows are great. I have no complaints about this palette. Some of you may want more natural everyday shades, such as browns, nudes, golds, and bronzes; these are also all available by this brand

Monique Boulé currently has 48 different eye palettes available to choose from. You can choose different finishes in her palettes, including: duochrome, glitter, iridescent, shimmer, holographic, and neon.

If you want to try a palette by Monique Boulé, here is her information:

Monique Boulé

Free shipping USA
Instagram @moniqueboule_mua 🎥

Coupon Code: Monique Boulé has nicely offered a coupon code to those who follow my blog for $5 off their order. Use the code “Daria” to receive the discount. No order minimum!

What are your favorite eyeshadow colors around the holidays 🎉?

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