February 20, 2020

Product Review: Natural Herbal Elle 18 Kajal Eyeliner मेकअप आईलाइनर की समीक्षा – काजल आईलाइनर

It is time for another of my favorite products to review: kajal liners. The kajal liner that I will review today is the Elle 18 kajal eyeliner.

Cost: Kajal eyeliners cost between $5-$6 a piece.

Packaging: I love the packaging on this kajal! The girl design on the front of it is so cute 😍! Kajals usually never have such a cute detailed design on them, so I really appreciate packaging like this. The packaging and the kajal feels very sturdy as well. 

Smudgeproof: It is not smudgeproof so you will need to smudgeproof it. It smudges very quickly on the lower lashline, so you need to set it quickly with powder. In just the time that it took me to apply mascara, this kajal smudged a few times in different places on the lower lashline, so it smudges really really fast. 

Waterproof: Getting it wet lightens the color a bit, but it is still really black and the kajal stays on. Wetting it changes the color to a more matte appearance, but when it does not get wet, it looks more glossy black. If you touch it after it gets wet, it will smudge but no worse than it normally would if it had not gotten wet. 

Application: This kajal glided across the eye without tugging on it; it also went over eyeshadow just fine. However, cleaning up the smudges, since it smudged so fast and so frequently, made applying this kajal take much longer than it should have. 

How This Kajal Looks On The Eyes

Color: This kajal is very dark black in just one swipe; it adds a very beautiful sexy sultry natural seductive look to the eyes, which I love.

Removal: It removes easily and quickly with oil. 

Final Thoughts 

This kajal looks very beautiful and makes the eyes look very sexy in a more natural way. I love this about it, as well as the design on the packaging. Unfortunately though, this kajal takes a long time to apply and it is much more work because it smudges so much and so quickly; you will easily spend half the time applying your makeup, and almost half the time cleaning up the mess that it makes. Thus, for this reason, I don’t recommend this kajal, especially for beginners because it will be too difficult to work with. 

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