February 20, 2020

Product Review: Mineral Makeup Mary Kay 6 Shade Eyeshadow Palette – Makeup Made In Canada

Hello everyone! It is time for another eyeshadow palette review. A friend of mine who works as a Mary Kay Consultant, put an eyeshadow palette together for me, so I will review the shades that she chose for me in this palette. 

Cost: These eyeshadows are not expensive in my opinion. They cost $8 a piece.

Where They Are Made: Mary Kay eyeshadows are made in Canada and they are mineral eyeshadows.

Packaging: This eyeshadow palette comes with a mirror, and the packaging is made of plastic and is magnetic. This palette was made in Malta, which is in Europe. This palette is a two tier palette with two mini eye applicator brushes on the bottom tier that is underneath the eyeshadows. The eyeshadows are on the top tier. The small packaging, the brushes, and the mirror make this a great travel palette.

Color: This eyeshadow palette contains five glitter shades, and one matte shade. All of which are great fall shades.

Pigmentation: All of the eyeshadows in this palette are very pigmented. You will need to layer these eyeshadows, or used them with a primer, in order to get the most pigmentation out of them, but
I am very impressed with the pigmentation and performance of these shades! 

Swatches in different lighting

How these shades look on the eyes with primer

Shade 1 Moonstone

This shade looks more like a light gold champagne color in the palette, but when used with my eye primer or when swatched, this color looks silver.

Shade 2 Rosegold

This is a bronze brown shade, but on my tan skin, this color is very subtle. It is close to my skin color, but it still has a bit of oomph and looks natural, so this is a great shade for work or everyday wear. 

One interesting thing about this shade though is that my eye primer lightened the color a lot, and seemed to reduce its glittery appearance; eye primer made this shade less glittery and more of a light brown color. 

Shade 3 Honey Spice

This is a light brown pink glittery champagne shade that changed when  used with my eye primer; my eye primer made this shade come out silver in color, so if you want to keep the original color, you may want to skip eye primer. 

Shade 4 Sweet Cream

This is the only matte shade in this palette, which you can use as a base color. I didn’t think I would like this shade, but I love it! It is sometimes hard for mattes to show up well on tan skin, but this one stands out beautifully on my skin and it is very pigmented and prominent. 

Now, this is a shade that you will definitely need eye primer for, because without it, this shade just comes out like a white brown shade and it is patchy, but with eye primer, the color came out smooth, darker, and it looked nice on me. I will wear this shade a lot by itself!

Shade 5 Granite

This shade looks exactly the way it does in the palette, with or without eye primer. This shade is very pigmented and lovely with a light purple undertone.

Shade 6 Truffle

This shade is very beautiful and pigmented. It is a red brown dark bronze shade with a hint of plum. This shade looks the same as it does in the palette, with and without primer.

Final Thoughts

My friend put this palette together for me, and she did an excellent job choosing the colors for this palette! All of the colors in this palette were amazing, and suited my skin tone well, so it is hard to pick a favorite! If I had to narrow it down to a few favorites though, I would say Sweet Cream, Honey Spice, and Rosegold were my favorites. I was not disappointed in any of the shades here though, so I really like them all. These shades were interesting and fun to play, since I could create such fun and unique looks with them. Thus, I do definitely recommend these Mary Kay eyeshadow shades! They are great to have in your fall makeup collection! ๐Ÿ‘

Buying Mary Kay Makeup ๐Ÿ’‹
You can get Mary Kay products from one of their consultants. My friend is the only Mary Kay consultant that I know, so I will give you her information:

Venitra Frost
Here are some of the newest shades that are now available in eyeshadow palettes from Mary Kay consultants:

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