February 20, 2020

Product Review: Maybelline New York Master Conceal By Face Studio Camouflaging Concealer

When the weather is warm, I often find myself reaching for concealer a lot to spot conceal or to go for a natural look where I only cover major imperfections with concealer. Then I let the rest of my skin breathe freely. So today, I will review one of the concealers that I have been testing out. The concealer that I will review today is by the well-known drugstore brand, Maybelline. This is their Master Conceal Camouflaging Concealer.

Cost: This concealer is inexpensive, costing $6-$8 a piece depending on where you buy it.

Ingredients: I love that this concealer contains glycerin, and that it has a small ingredient list with around 20 ingredients. Since it is not organic or mineral makeup, I really appreciate this small ingredient list.

Smell: There is no smell.

Consistency: This concealer has a thick consistency.

Eye Area: This concealer reduces the appearance of dark circles, but it also looks patchy on the eye. It settles into the lines underneath the eye, and it accentuates dry patches near the eye, so I don’t recommend this concealer for the eye area. 

Coverage: This concealer is full coverage. You will need to layer this concealer to get full coverage though. This concealer gives great coverage when you use both your fingers to spot conceal, or use a beauty blender. I did get more coverage though when I used a beauty blender, rather than using my fingers.

Fine Lines/Smile Lines: This concealer did not settle into my smile lines, so I think this is an okay concealer for more mature skin, but you should avoid applying it around the eye area. 

Dry Skin: This is not a concealer for those with dry skin, because even when I moisturized my skin beforehand, dryness was accentuated where I applied this concealer, and this did not look good. Thus, this concealer is better for those with oily skin.

Final Thoughts: This concealer is thick, so it may be a bit heavy for everyday wear, but it would work well for nights out or events. Also, if you mix this concealer with a foundation and use it spot conceal, it will give you a great full coverage look. The thick consistency would also make this a great concealer for winter time.

Unfortunately, this concealer is not for everyone. I don’t recommend this concealer for people with dry skin or for use around the eye area, but it should work well for those with oily skin. 

Have you tried this concealer? What did you think of it?

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