February 20, 2020

Product Review: Herbal Natural Lotus Kajal Eyeliner मेकअप आईलाइनर की समीक्षा – काजल आईलाइनर

Today I will be reviewing an herbal natural kajal by the brand Lotus: The Lotus Kajal

Cost: Kajals cost between $5-$6 a piece.

Ingredients: This kajal is natural; it is made with botanical extracts, liquorice, camphor, and almond oil

Packaging: The packaging on this kajal is not very good. I do like its twist up top, but the writing on the kajal faded off and part of the packaging broke off, so the packaging is not very sturdy or durable.

Smudgeproof: This kajal is not smudgeproof so you will need to smudgeproof it and set it. It smudges really fast after applying it, so you will need to set it immediately as soon as you draw your line on each eye.

Waterproof: This kajal will stay in place if it gets wet and the dark color will remain exactly as it is, but once you touch it after it dries, it will smudge, but the color won’t fade and it won’t smudge more than it normally would, so water doesn’t affect this kajal’s performance.

Application: This kajal glided across the eye without tugging, but it did transfer to my upper lid. This kajal also moves around more than some kajals I have tried, so it was more difficult to apply and it took more time. This kajal does go on top of eyeshadow just fine though. 

How This Kajal Looks On The Eyes

Color: This kajal is a very dark black color and it looks very beautiful on the eyes. 

Removal: It removes easily with oil.

Final Thoughts

This kajal looks nice on the eyes and it also photographs well; it also has a good eye-friendly ingredient list, but because this kajal tends to move around a lot, I don’t reach for it as much as my other kajals, and I think it would be hard for beginners to use. Thus, I don’t recommend this kajal for beginners.

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