February 20, 2020

Product Review Göz Farı Ürün Yorumu: Turkish Makeup Cosmetics Türk kadının Makyaj ve Kozmetik – Farmasi Eyeshadow Eye Pigments – 50% Off Coupon Code Available

Herkese merhaba! Nasılsınız? Hi everyone! How are you guys doing today? I hope you all enjoyed the Halloween holiday 🎃! Today, I am going to do something exciting that I have been planning for a while now! I will be introducing Turkish makeup and cosmetics/Türk kadının makyaj ve kozmetik!
I want my blog to bring together some of the best aspects of beauty and fashion from different cultures and parts of the world. So far, I have introduced Japanese fashion, and U.S., Indian, and Korean makeup brands and cosmetics. Now to complete this blog, I will also introduce Turkish makeup. 

So why Turkish specifically? I watch a lot of foreign films and dramas, and out of all of them, Korean, Turkish, and U.S. film makeup really impressed and wowed me the most. I love quality, and Korean makeup has been at the top best for a while now, but recently, I feel that Turkish makeup has actually surpassed Korea in terms of lip makeup. Since I want to have the best products portrayed on my blog, I absolutely have to include Turkish makeup here. 
If you have never seen Turkish makeup styles or their films or dramas before, here is some of their makeup looks that I fell in love with. Turkish makeup tends to have beautiful eyeliner, and bright vibrant lip colors that can range from browns, bright reds, to purples, and fuchsias.

Turkish Actresses From Turkish Dramas That I Watched and Loved: Öznur Serçeler (left), Demet Ozdemir (middle), & Tugçe Kumral (Right). 

Today will be the beginning of many more reviews of Turkish cosmetics and makeup products. I will also write some of the reviews in Turkish/Türkçe. For this first review, I will review Turkish eye pigments; the Farmasi pigments that I received for review and PR. 

 Farmasi Eye Pigments
Göz Farı Ürün Yorumu
Bir Türk kadının Makyaj
(Coupon code available at the end of this review)

Cost/Fiyatı Nedir? About $13 each, depending on where you buy them.

Ingredients/Içerik: These eye pigments have a small ingredient list of only six ingredients in both of them.

Where Are They Made? Nereden Yapılıyordu?? These pigments are made by the Turkish brand, Farmasi, which is in Istanbul Turkey/Istanbul Türkiye’de üretilmiş

Cruelty-Free/Hayvanlara Eziyetten? Farmasi supports animal rights and ethical treatment. 

In addition to makeup and cosmetics, Farmasi has a men’s line, a baby line 👶, and an oral line. 

Color/Renk: Both of these shades are shimmer shades. I got two colors, a yellow gold color for summer, and a blue shade for fall. 

Packaging/Ambalaj Dizaynı: These eye pigments have unique packaging. They come with two tops. A screw off top, and a top that lifts up and has five small holes in it, so that you can control how much product comes out. You can easily close the top again to protect the product. 

This packaging allows you to use the product hygienically and preserve it much longer since you can sprinkle it out onto your hand or onto a steel plate. You don’t have to stick your finger into it and contaminate it. This type of packaging is also great for professional makeup artists because they can use it without contaminating their makeup from client-to-client.

Shades With Primer/Renkler

This is a yellow gold shade with a hint of green and bronze. This is not a super crazy gold, so you can wear this shade for everyday wear makeup looks. This shade is very pigmented and had little fallout; it is very pigmented in just one swipe.

Eclipse/Ay Tutulması

This is a light blue shade with a hint of steel gray. This is such a beautiful soft blue color. I love this color! I did need to layer this shade a few times though to get the most out of the pigmentation, and there was some fallout, but not too much.

I found that patting this color onto my eyes gave me the best results, the most pigmentation. 
Application/Tatbik: I applied these eyeshadows by tapping a small amount of product onto my hand, and then I applied it to my eye. These pigments applied easily and smoothly. 

Both of these shades are lighter in color on the eyes, than they look in the bottle, but they are still lovely beautiful shades. These eye pigments add a softness to the eyes, since they are soft colors, and they are natural looking. It is hard for blue eyeshadows to look natural, so Farmasi did a great job creating the shade “Eclipse” especially. 

Both of these eye pigments were comfortable to wear on the eyes without irritating them.

Final Thoughts/Benim Düşüncelerim

These are beautiful eye pigments! I am very impressed with them! They are very natural looking and they add so much color and vibrancy to the eyes! I also love the small ingredient list and the easy application. I have no complaints about these eye pigments, so I do highly recommend them. 
Where To Buy Them? Nereden Alıyorsunuz?

Turkish makeup has just recently started entering the U.S. market, so there are not many sellers selling it just yet, but here are the details for the seller that sent these to me. She sells a lot of different makeup from Farmasi:

Tonya Johnston Blanton
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