February 20, 2020

Product Review: Canadian Mineral Makeup – Mary Kay Glistening Horizon Eyeshadow Eye Palette

Hello everyone! It is time for another of my favorite product reviews, eyeshadow palettes! Today I will review mineral makeup from the brand Mary Kay. I will review their Glistening Horizon eyeshadow palette

Cost: These eyeshadows are not expensive in my opinion. They cost $8 a piece.

Where They Are Made: Mary Kay eyeshadows are made in Canada and they are mineral eyeshadows.

With Flash

Colors: This eyeshadow palette comes with four different vibrant bright shades: A champagne, a dark blue, a light blue, and a dark plum purple shade. Two of these shades are matte shades, and two are shimmer shades. The champagne 🍷shade is great for summer, and the light blue shade is a great fall shade. 

Without Flash

Texture: These eyeshadows feel very soft and buttery. They are also easy to apply.

Shades With Primer
Light Purple Shade

This shade looks like a dark plum color in the palette, but it is actually a slightly lighter color with a pink undertone when swatched and applied to the eyes. The pink undertone is really only noticeable when used without a primer. 

I layered this shade a lot to get the most pigmentation that I could with it, since this shade is on the sheer side. This shade is an easy light everyday wear matte shade that you can also use as a base color. I don’t feel that I have another color similar to this one, so it is a unique color that I plan to use a lot.

Light Blue Shade

This unique pastel shade has a gray blue undertone; it is kind of an icy color with a hint of green. I layered this shade a lot to get the most out of the pigmentation. 

I really love this shade because this is a fun winter shade that is on the cool side that looks great on my skin tone. I have no other color like this one, and pastels are hard to get in mineral makeup, so this shade will get a lot of use.

Dark Blue Shade

This is such a beautiful shimmer blue shade! This shade is a dark azalea blue with a dark purple undertone when you don’t use the flash. This shades basically looks like it does in the palette when applied without a flash, but when applied with a flash, this is more of a royal blue shade. 

This shade is very pigmented. I did not need to layer it much at all because it is very pigmented in just one swatch. This shade has the perfect formula. 

Light Champagne Shade

This shade looks like a shimmer white silver color when paired with eye primer, but without eye primer, this shade looks just like it does in the palette with a hint of orange light pink/a champagne color. This shade is very pigmented, so I needed to layer it very little. It is very pigmented in just one swipe.

Final Thoughts

I really enjoy the Mary Kay eyeshadows. They have a big variety of colors to choose from. Mary Kay also has many beautiful and unique colors that are quite pigmented, and which are easy, quick, and smooth to apply. These eyeshadows were no exception. I really liked all of these shades and I feel that they all compliment my skin tone excellently. 

Buying Mary Kay Makeup 💋
You can get Mary Kay products from one of their consultants. My friend is the only Mary Kay consultant that I know, so I will give you her information:

Venitra Frost

Here are some of the newest shades that are now available in eyeshadow palettes from Mary Kay consultants:

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