February 20, 2020

메이크업 리뷰 Product Review: K-beauty Makeup Eco Soul Pigment Eyeshadows By Korean Brand The Saem 한국 화장 브랜드 샘의아이섀도

Today I will review K-beauty makeup by the brand The Saem. I will be reviewing two of their Eco Soul Pigment Eyeshadows

Cost 가격: $10-$11 달러 depending on where you buy them.

Shades : These eyeshadows are available in five shades online 5가지 컬러: 

#01 Fun Toast 펀토스트
#02 Golden Veil 골든 베일
#03 Singer-Songwriter 싱어송라이터
#04 Melting Rose 멜팅 로즈
#05 Hush Cranberry 허쉬 크랜베리

The shades that I purchased to review are 03 Singer-Songwriter and 05 Hush Cranberry.

Brand Promises 브랜드 약속: The brand promises that these eyeshadows are made with pearl pigments and fine particles that adhere to the eye and feel soft

Packaging 포장재: These eyeshadows come with a built-in brush applicator to apply them. This brush works really well to apply the shadows, so it is a great quality brush.

Color 컬러: These eyeshadows are very glittery so they are messy. 
How These Eyeshadows Look On The Eyes 어때보여?

03 Singer-Songwriter 싱어송라이터

This shade is a pink beige shadow with flecks of purple, red, green, blue, and yellow glitter in it; it is a very beautiful natural everyday wear glitter eyeshadow. This shade would work great with a cut crease makeup look. 

05 Hush Cranberry 허쉬 크랜베리

This is a pink brown eyeshadow with flecks of red, blue, white, and orange glitter in it; it has a light plum purple undertone. The glitter in this shade was a bit uncomfortable on the eyes; I could feel the glitter at times. The glitter in this shade was much messier than the first shade, so there is much more fallout, but this one does adhere more to the skin than the first shade does. In addition, I had a hard time applying gel liner to the inner corner of my eye with this shadow on. 

Application: These eyeshadows applied easily. I do recommend patting the eyeshadows on at first so that there will be less mess and then blend them out with the applicator. 

Removal: These eyeshadows were not completely removed with oil, so I had to wash my face twice to remove all of the glitter. 

Final Thoughts 마지막으로 뭐 얘기할 거 있나요?

I like the glitter and colors of these eyeshadows; they are perfect for everyday wear or for a night out. The glitter particles in Hush Cranberry is not fine enough since I could feel it a bit on my eyes, so this one may not work for those with sensitive eyes like me; not all of the shades are like this one though, since Singer-Songwriter was perfectly fine. Lastly, I really like the brush applicator that comes with these eyeshadows.

I think these eyeshadows would work great on top of other eyeshadows to add more bling to the look, or in a cut crease look. 

Do I recommend these eyeshadows? If you have sensitive eyes, I don’t recommend them, but I do recommend Singer-Songwriter to everyone since it is a beautiful shade and I had no issues with it. 

Since these are glitter shadows, beginners may have a bit of a hard time with them, but these are easier to work with than normal glitter because of the applicator and the fact that they adhere well without glitter glue, so I do think these are great eyeshadows for beginners wanting to try glitter.

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