February 20, 2020

메이크업 리뷰 Product Review: K-beauty Korean Makeup Aritaum Full Cover Liquid Concealer 한국 화장 브랜드 아리따움의컨실러

Today I will be reviewing a famous K-beauty Korean makeup product that is popular among beauty Youtubers. The product is the Aritaum Full Cover Liquid Concealer. This concealer is very popular because it is suppose to have excellent coverage, so today, I will put it to the test.

Cost 가격: $5-$8 달러 each depending on where you buy it. 

Shades : This concealer only comes in two shades, so there are many people who these shades will not be a match for:

1. 01 Light Beige 연한색 베이지
2. 02 Natural Beige 내추럴 베이지

I got the darkest shade since I am tan in 02 Natural Beige.

컬러 스와치

Ingredients 성분: This concealer contains some natural ingredients that are good for the skin. 

Here is the full ingredient list 성분 목록

Mineral oil 광물성 기름, titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, silica 실리카, a silyl acrylate, yellow iron oxide, sorbitan sesqui oleate, paraffin 파라핀, petrolatum 페트롤리엄, microcrystalline wax, red iron oxide, caprylic rilgeul glycol, black iron oxide, phenoxyethanol, perfume 향수, hexylene glycol, Argan tree kernel oil 아르간 오일, and rose hip berries 로즈 힙 베리.

Coverage 커버력 어때요?: This concealer is almost full coverage, so what other beauty Youtubers said about this concealer seems to be true 👌.

Consistency 제형: This concealer has a thick paste consistency.

Color : This concealer is very light in color, so it is not very brown girl friendly. However, concealers, just like foundations, that are too light in color, can often be used as excellent eye concealers for dark circles and as a base for your eyeshadow. 

비포 애프터를 볼게요 

Application: This concealer did not apply well with a beauty blender. The beauty blender seemed to just remove the product, and it was more work to move it around with the beauty blender. This concealer did apply fine though with my fingers; it blended out and gave me more coverage with my fingers. 

Formula 포뮬러: The formula for this concealer is extremely dry, which makes dry areas on the face look horrible; it will show every bit of dryness and peeling on the face, and it will even settle into the whiteheads on the nose. 

On a positive note though, this concealer did work well for the under eye area; it reduced the appearance of dark circles and it covered them up, while also lessening the appearance of fine lines underneath the eye. Thus, this is a good concealer to consider for the eye area if you have more mature skin. 

Spot Concealing 잡티를 가릴 때: When I tried to spot conceal with this concealer, it looked terrible on my skin because the areas with the most scars, were also the driest areas on my face since I am always treating them. So I don’t recommend this concealer for areas other than the eye area if you have dry skin. 

Final Thoughts 마지막으로 뭐 얘기할 거 있나요? 

This is a good concealer for the eye area, but I would not apply it to the rest of the face if you have dry skin. You could mix this concealer though with foundation to give you more coverage, to make your foundation less oily, and to make your foundation adhere better to your skin since this concealer does adhere well; it adheres just as well as CC creams. 

Do I recommend this concealer? I do recommend it for people with oily skin, for those who want a good under eye concealer, for those with mature skin for their eye area, and to mix with other products to add coverage and to make the face makeup more long-lasting.

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