February 20, 2020

메이크업 리뷰 페리페라 Product Review: K-Beauty Korean Peripera Dal Dal Factory Glitter Shimmer Eyeshadow Palette – FAIL 한국 화장 브랜드 클럽 클리오의아이섀도우

It is time for another of my favorite type of reviews, eyeshadow palette reviews. The eyeshadow palette that I will be reviewing today is the Peripera Dal Dal Factory Eyeshadow Palette. I purchased this palette because I really wanted to try eyeshadows by the Korean brand Peripera, but I didn’t know which shades to choose, so I felt that a palette would let me try more shades and it would be more cost effective. I also love glitter and shimmer, so this palette is perfect, especially with so many holidays coming up. So without further ado, let’s jump into this review!

Cost 가격: $15-$19 달러 depending on where you buy it. 

포장재: The packaging on this palette is adorable and super cute! I love it! It gives you a summer feel, which really goes well with these eyeshadow shades, though the last shade would be a great winter snowy shade.

Application: These eyeshadows applied easily and eyeliner went over them without any problems. 

컬러 스와치

Color : These eyeshadows can be worn alone or as an eyeshadow topper. This palette is not a beginner palette since glitter is messy and can be hard to work with. 

These eyeshadows are beautiful pigmented glittery shades, but they are very difficult to photograph; it took forever to get a decent photo of them, and these photos still aren’t very good 😡. These eyeshadows only seem to photograph well in dark lighting, so if you will be going to an event where a lot of flash photography will be taken or where there will be a lot of bright lighting, then you may want to avoid wearing these eyeshadows. 

Flash 플래시: Using a flash makes these eyeshadows look like an ugly white color, so pigmentation doesn’t show up under bright lighting or flash. Looking at these eyeshadows in normal lighting or dark lighting though, they do look very beautiful.

How These Eyeshadows Look On The Eyes 어때보여?

Left Top Shade 왼쪽 위의 색

This is a pink purple glitter shade with flecks of orange red glitter in it. I could feel the glitter in my eye a bit at times with this shade, which was uncomfortable.

Top Right Shade 오른쪽 위의 색

This is an orange shade with green, yellow, and red flecks of glitter in it; this shade also has pink gold undertones.

Bottom Left Shade 왼쪽 아래 색

This is a brown orange shade with green, red, blue, and purple flecks of glitter. I could feel the glitter in my eye with this shade as well, which was really uncomfortable, so I couldn’t wear this shade for long.

Bottom Right Shade 오른쪽 아래 색

This is a blue purple shade, which needed to be layered a lot more than the others because it came out too sheer otherwise. This was my favorite shade though out of all of them because it is comfortable to wear, and the color is beautiful and stands out the most.

An interesting thing about these eyeshadows is that the base of these eyeshadows appears to be white. When I was moving the shadow around with a brush, I saw white underneath the glittery color. This explains why these shadows come out white when you use a flash and in bright lighting. 

Final Thoughts 마지막으로 뭐 얘기할 거 있나요? 

These eyeshadows are beautiful, but because of how poorly they photograph and show up in bright lighting, as well as how uncomfortable two of them were to wear, I do consider this palette to be a fail. I can see myself wearing the blue eyeshadow a lot, but since it is the only shade that I see myself wearing again in this whole palette, it is not really cost effective.
Do I recommend this palette? No I don’t. I think that there are other glitter eyeshadows out there that are more comfortable and refined than this one, and which will show up well in various types of lighting, so I would pass on this palette.

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